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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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effort for the annual teddy bear ball. which is a great event. >> the ball benefits the health group which serves children with special needs. >> such a worthwhile cause. you did a fantastic job. >> thank you. >> you're like a surgeon of a show. >> good night, everybody. >> take care. next at eight. as the grieved community of santa cruz plans funerals for its two slain officers. new details emerge about the killer. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> you are going to see our black and white police cruisers back on the streets of santa cruz again >> prepares to go back on the job. >> 48 hours since our friends were brutally and senselessly murdered tuesday.
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>> we now know the detectives had no chance to protect themselves. their killer's violent past the portland area man who caught him spying on his girlfriend. >> i just grabbed him and we started fighting. >> and the rape accusations army career in hawaii tonight we start with new details in the shooting death of two santa cruz police officers. investigators say, the two were ambushed. kron 4's j.r. stone joins us live tonight from santa cruz. >> reporter: santa cruz county sheriff phil wowak?fighting back his emotions at a press conference thursday?one in which he released new details reguarding the shooting deaths of detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. wowak says the two had been talking to jeremy goulet on the outside of a closed door to this house when things took a turn for the worse. one of the shots hit a bystander in the leg. while traumitized that woman is okay. goulet is then believed to have taken both of the officers guns and baker?s body armor. a short time later officers had narrowed down the search?their was a shootout and goulet, who investigators say was planning to leave the state, was killed. kron four is uncovering new
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information that paints the shooter - jeremy goulet - as a career criminal.who allegedy raped women, and repeatedly looked into victim's windows. >> here's a timeline of his run-ins with the law. goulet was cited twice in san diego for prowling and once in 1999 and once in 2000. fast forward to 2006 in hawaii. two different women while goulet was not charged in either alleged rape. one year 2007.goulet was arrested in of charges. police say goulet was peeping on a woman while shehe's accused of removing
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a using a stick to prop open the blinds. during the incident. then in august of 2012 in goulet was arrested for peeping and prowling on a male victim. and finally in santa cruz. goulet was charged with public intoxication last friday. but earlier that night.a co- worker says goulet made unwanted sexual advances toward her at her home. he was fired the next day.and detectives were sexual advances on tuesday when they were ambushed and killed. new tonight at 8-- kron 4 has uncovered goulet's past crimes happened while he served in the united states military. but as justine waldman tells us. he never spent a day behind bars. for any of them. >> reporter:prowling, peeping andthat is what others.including his fellow officers in the military accused. jeremey goulet of doing. punished him. kron 4 uncovered from 1996 goulet enlisted in the marine corp. san diego police tell kron 4. in 1999 he was cited for prowling with the purpose of committing a crime the case was dismissed. and in 2000, another
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citation for prowling and loitering around a bathroom with the purpose of commiting a lewd, unlawful act. he was sentenced to 3 years probation. goulet then went to serve in the army.from 2004 to 2007 as a blackhawk helicopter this photo is from his pilot graduation. he spent time in alabama for training, honduras and in hawaii. his former defense attorney tells me. less than a week after he arrived at hawaii's wheeler army airfield.a fellow female officer said goulet raped her. goulet was accused of crawling into her bathroom window and sexually assualting her, after a night of drinking.
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as the army investigated, it assigned him to watch over barracks where younger soldiers stayed. two months after the first rape allegation. another sexual assualt accusation. a female private. accused goulet of rape.saying the attack happened the night before she deployed oversees. his attorney explains. the court-martial proceedings stopped.partly because.the first victim had problems identifiying her suspect. and of credibility issuses in second case.because there was alcohol involved and the victim was under 21 years old. eventually the army dropped both exchange goulet received an "other than honorable discharge " just a notch above dishonorable. from there goulet went on to committ crimes in portland, berekely and kill police officers in santa cruz. after never serving time for >> reporter: justine waldman kron 4 news.
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and the with her >> pam: tonight, we are getting a clearer picture of how events unfolded in santa cruz this past tuesday. kron 4's charles clifford shows us the sequence of events. >> reporter: tuesday's deadly encounter with jeremy goulet began at this home at 822 norththis is video of the house... where it's believed goulet lived. now, just after 3pm on tuesday, two santa cruz police detectives were speaking with goulet when he apparently pulled out a gun and shot the officers at close range, killing both of them. he then stole their weapons and used their car to flee the scene. now, there was actually a third person injured in this initial shooting. according to police, a stray bullet from goulet's gun travelled north from the home and struck a woman.. here.. on nearby stanford street. she was shaken up obviously, but not seriously injured.
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less than half an hour later, goulet tried to return to his home but was spotted by police and first responders who were tending to the fallen officers.. he doyle street, where he was met by a team of six officers who were actually searching the area for him. according to police, goulet then shot at the officers and they returned fire. dozens of shots were exchanged. this building here, which is actually a garage, was hit multiple times. this is video of the encounter from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news, you can see the 6 man police team taking cover behind a building here along doyle street.
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there was also a firetruck parked nearby... it got was hit several times. this is a closer look at the bullet holes on the front right corner of the truck, side. jeremey goulet was eventually killed here near 140 doyle street. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> and coming up new tonight at 8:30-- a man goulet assaulted in portland, oregon. reacts to the news goulet's death. stay with kron 4 as we in the santa cruz shooting. we'll also bring you the memorial. scheduled for the two officers killed in the 7th. you can also find continuous
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updates on our facebook and twitter pages. >> right now -- the obama administration is urging the united states supreme court. to overturn proposition 8-- california's ban on gay marriage. president obama filed a brief today. the administration argues. lesbians the right to marry, violates the constitution's the brief also argues. that sexual orientation, requires extra scrutiny by the court.while the filing does not explicitly call for nationwide marriage. experts say, it does point the court in that direction. and new at 8-- legal experts are weighing in on the significance of the president's actions today. professor rory little - with the hastings school of law, says, it is very unusual for presidents to take a side in a case before the high court. especially this president. in other news developing the alameda creek, which runs through union city. the skull fragment was found near nevada court.
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this is video taken by our partners at abc 7 news, and you can see sheriff's department investigators searching the creek for more clues today. several animal bones were found. but no other human bones were discovered during the search. sgt. j.d. nelson alameda county sheriff's department this is a unique situation because alameda creek is the sheriff's department jurisdiction but it runs right through the heart of fremont and union city. so, we're going to have to work in conjunction with them and see if they have any missing persons outstanding and go from therealong with other counties because
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alameda creek runs a long ways so this could have been washed down stream over a period of years. the sheriff's department says, the skull fragments are not native american, and most likely are that of a grown man. some dental work was visible to investagtors. and the coroner is hopeful that dental work could lead to identifying the remains one >> jacqueline: 77 expected tomorrow:the same as yesterday's. 70's --. with tomorrow, and take a look to our current conditions. we do have that cloud coverage overhead. away from the coast still pretty mild stir in antioch. 57 in concord. we will see those temperatures shifting from the overnight hours. they will be fairly mild with only 40's tonight. it will clear out with a shift in the wind. i will show you
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how warm it is going to get, coming up. >> pam: ahead at eight. the man wanted for gunning down an oakland rapper on the las vegas strip. is found by police. where he was located. to ride bart. how much it will cost you. >> and: firefighters in southern california battling an out- of-control fire burning near homes. get whatever you want, baby.
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>> a large wild-fire burning near southern california is forcing residents from their homes. this is in the city of riverside - at rancho jurupa regional park. more than 50 acres have burned and mandatory evacuations were just ordered for people living on two near-by roads. voluntary evacuations for all residents in the area were issued earlier tonight.
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there are lots of homes and of riverside. no structures have burned, and no injuries have been reported. firefighters are setting fires of their own to burn potential fuel. down power-lines have started the fire. thre are more than 200 firefighters, and 12 helicopters fighting it right now. we'll keep you posted. >> police say, the man wanted in connection with the murder of three people in las vegas. is behind bars tonight. federal agents arrested ammar harris in studio city today. the 26-year-old is a self- described pimp, who was the subject of a multi- state manhunt. police say, harris fired at least five shots into a maserati sports car. killing the driver - an aspiring bay area rapper known as
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"kenny clutch". cherry's maserati then slammed into a taxi, killing two other people. here now is video of that fiery crash. las vegas police say, tineesha howard- a passenger in the black range rover during the shooting- is no longer being sought in the case. police also interviewed two other women who were in the s-u-v during the shooting. a taxi driver and tourist from washington state. were also killed in the crash. new tonight at 8-- no sign of a compromise in washington. the big budget axe due to fall just over 24 hours from now.' president obama is due to meet with leaders of both parties at the white house tomorrow. but the way everyone is talking today, that meeting is not likely to generate anything more than another round of finger= pointing. kron4's grant lodes reports.
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hours added to the wait in airport security lines. 200- thousand lost jobs in california alone. just some of the cuts set to soon take effect -- unless congress reaches a deal on the national debt. no sign of a compromise in washington. the big budget axe due to fall just over 24 lodes is here to tell us president obama is due to meet with leaders of both parties at the white house tomorrow. but the way everyone is talking today, that meeting is not likely to generate tick tick tick >> every tick of the clock brings us closer to the deadline: 11:59 tomorrow night, washington time. many members of congress won't even be in town. house speaker john boehner says, don't blame the republicans. >> "we've done our work. they've not done theirs." >> reporter: new york senator charles schumer says, don't blame the democrats. >> "the truth is, both sides have their fingerprints on sequestration, but only one side is trying hard to solve >> reporter: sequestration
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is a fancy name for putting a padlock on funding for a wide rangeit was originally intended to force congress to reach a compromise on reducing the federal deficit. now the federal government will have to figure out how to handle an 85 billion dollar drop in spending. the white house has been warning about a potential devastating impact on schools, airports, food inspection, and the military. but in his latest public admitted that most people won't feel the effects for weeks or even months. >> "this is not a cliff but it is a tumble downward." >> reporter: one thing the sequester will "not" affect is the april 15th tax deadline. the head of the internal revenue service told i=r=s employees today that no one waho >> pam: coming up tim lincecum. with your sports highlights. and a tattoo... painful the player had to take today off coming up later in sports. .
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the driver of this suv is voicing her disapproval >> you got on your signal turn >> and when that dosent work the driver of the suv throws it in reverse to go arould. but not before i have a chat with them >> how you doing? roll your window down for a second, roll you window down for a second all the way down so i can hear youwhy you blowing your horn at this car i see the blinker so how come they aint turning you see the sing over top of the red light "pause" >> this is the sign in question on the corner of park and otis in the city if alameda. it reads no turn on red and it's just above the redlight not the only ones who did not see the turn on red sign let's toss in this city of >> the sign was installed january 9th after residents complained of a steady stream of drivers rolling through their neighborhood making it difficult for
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them to get out their driveways but since old habits are hard to break there has been vitural conga line of red intersection the irony . on the corner is this state farm office and they watch what happens every day in fact one worker had this experience >> i'm first in line waiting there for the light there are pedestrians going either way so im sitting there and this guy pulls up behind me and goes beep , beep and i didn't go and beeeeep >> the residents are happy that the sign was put up now they hope the alameda police will start to enforce the sign however a source inside the alameda police department told me there needs to be more sinage before they will just for the record if you do get a ticket for ignoring that sign your insurance could go up an additional 100 bucks not to mention the cost of the ticket along with court fees >> so you saying we were behaving badly by honking our horns >> in alameda stanley
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>> jacqueline: your full forecast, coming up.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. the white house throws its support behind same sex marriage here in california. the obama administration filed a brief with the u-s supreme court, urging the justices to overturn proposition eight. and the federal defense of marriage act. the high court will hear arguments on same-sex marriage next month. it has been just over 48- hours since two santa cruz police officers were killed. and people in the community are still grieving. a funeral for detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler will be held next thursday, march 7th in santa cruz. meantime, a memorial is grwoing outside the police station, in memory of the two officers. and: new information tonight about the accused shooter - jeremy goulet -
8:34 pm
he had had numerous run-ins with the law. goulet was cited twice in san diego for prowling and peeping. then in 2006, he was accused. but not charged. of raping two different women while serving in the military in hawaii. then in berkeley last year. goulet was arrested for peeping and prowling on a male victim and new at eight tonight - jeremey goulet stood trial in portland, oregon, for spying on a woman, as well as trying to murder her boyfriend. now for the first time, we are hearing from that couple. kron four's terisa estacio joins us here on the set. she has been investigating this story for us. tracking down the couple. what are they saying? >> reporter: danny thomas and amy luangrath say just recently they were searching the internet for goulet. because they were fearful about their safety - their mother wa the feelings
8:35 pm
of shock an has-tfeelings of shk and there are also feeling is that it was not quite fat im surprised fans. it concerned, goulet would come back to portland and harm them - to seek revenge for what happened. two oppositie feelings, one >> reporter: danny thomas is talking about v he said that he warned him once been the third time he confronted 50 goulet. according to the police report there were shots fired and it was just barely missing a boyfriend, thomas. these photographs were taken with a bloody, beaten. kron 4 news spoke with the d.a. in portland, oregon that handled the case. they
8:36 pm
dismissed the charges and gave them a lesser charge of only two years. and as far as thomas? when santa cruz police contacted them. his heart sank. many of motions. >> reporter: if the jury had found that he was found guilty he would have received 7.5 years. some sentences. that means that he would have still been in imprisoned. >> pam: terisa,stay with kron 4 as we continue to track the latest in the santa cruz shooting. thank you, terisa estacio. you can also find continuous updates on our facebook and twitter pages. >> pam: developing news-- u- c santa cruz police say, a campus
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years. this water main break continues with cleanup efforts. plus: get ready to pay morehow much it will cost you. and: firefighters in crews working all day.and have now repaired a water main that broke early yesterday morning on 15ththe pipe from 1952 was replaced today. crews also filled in the sinkhole the break created
8:39 pm
several nearby homes causing a significant amount damage kron 4's scott rates talked damage . art torres looking at what is left of his home, he can't believe how fast watertorres snapping these pictures just after his home flooded from the water main was asleep in this room when fans have been set up all over his home drying it out, but despite the heavy damage to his home, torres knows this could have been much get ready to pay more cash to ride bart. a fare increase is on the way. kron 4's haaziq madyun
8:40 pm
tells know >> reporter: these add fare signs at bart stations have taken on a new meaning now that the price of purchasing a bart ticket will be going up >> "what's going on?" >> reporter: off what you need to knownow that bart's board of directors approved an inflation-based-fare increase starting january 1, 2014it will cost bart passengers an extra 5.2% to get to their destinations for exampleright now a round concord bart station to let's saycivic center in san francisco costs$10.70add 5.2% to that and cost increases to $11.26. or longer distance round trip from concord to the san right now costs$20.80next not feeling good about it? >> >> places i don't mind paying >> reporter: in fact bart says the used to purchase new trains throughout the systemin concord haaziq madyun kron 4 systemin conyou can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet
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benedict the 16th resigns. update. stocks ended in the red today-- even though thethe numbers turned sour in the final minutes of trading. the dow lost 20 points to close at 14-thousand-54 -- all-time high it reached in october 2007. the nasdaq closed at three- thousand-160-- dropping two and the s-and-p dropped one point to finish at one- thousand- 514 >> gas prices rose 10 percent this morning -- making it the worst february on record. but,triple-a says relief at the pump is on the way. the result of a slowdown at several refineries undergoing equipment upgrades. less production meant higher prices for the time being. aaa says that work at the refineries should be completed in the coming weeks-- and falling gas prices are expected to follow. and we are continuing to watch gas prices as they
8:44 pm
have been increasing in the bay area. here's a look at averages from the triple-a fuel gauge. san francisco is at $4-28 a gallon at $4-00 houghton, $4.18, san jose, $4.17. but--oakland, $4.17 a preferred f kings means also, the most unlikely couple, going together. a dennis rodman and the korean leader.
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>> pam: history unfolds at the vatican today. in 600 years to resign he is officially retired and assumes the new title of thousands lined up to witness history thursday. and welcome him into retirement. until a successor is named -- the catholic faith and its 1-point-2 billion followers are without a leader. >> pam: tim lincecum may be headed to court after being accusedgary has that story straight ahead plus. straight ahead plus. [ lorelonzo ] o i'm lorenzo. i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that com cpany, the united stas postal service® works fos r thousands of home businesses. becauscae at® you can capay, print and had ve you yr packages pickp for frr ee. i can caeven denrop off free b. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on. the u.s.u. postal service®, no bus biness too small.l.
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>> jacqueline: if you have been enjoying this weather? we have another nice day
8:48 pm
before changes. sunny skies but the weekend will bring those changes. we will talk more about that but first, what we're going to see tomorrow. the satellite showing mostly clear skies with the exception of the coast. the high pressure will be building. driving that to the north. we can see the comparison of just 24 hours ago from the high clouds. they are now moving to the north with a reversal of the wind. it is clearing with 70's for the south bay. 73 in palo alto. 72 degrees, san jose. 60's & 70's. low 70's, inland. '70s, pleasanton, livermore. for the coast we could see some sea breezes impacting us. with temperatures getting into the '60s and '70s.
8:49 pm
however, warmer than today. 70's for the north bay. for the sierras id has been dry. it will stay dry but there is an outside chance of rain/snowfall sunday morning. and if we could see that it could happen at 7,000 ft.. a warmer day tomorrow, cooler for the weekend but next week the continued cooling trend. rainfall entering tuesday night/wednesday morning. notice, temperatures are taking a dive. the chance of kerstin showers. there is no new snowfall but the sierra at tahoe. and kirkwood if you would like more information and even discount ski chair lift tickets ♪ >> gary:
8:50 pm
critiquing, everybody. this post shoved game everybody from coach montgomery. they just blew out utah. 64-46. alan crab 15 points, now 19- 9 with 11-5 in the conference. if they choose to have a couple of victories in the post game season they are probably going. and the sacramento kings could be moving to sacramentosacramento mayor kevin johnson says two investors >> with all due respect to seattle and i absolutely wish them well. and i do hope that they get a team some day it is not going to lead this team! (cheers & applause)
8:51 pm
>> gary: kevin, he said the exact same thing about two months ago. their father left them $750 million. and they have blown through it. build a downtown arena to stop the proposed move of the team to seattle. mark mastrov, founder of 24 hour fitness, will make a bid for the team. pittsburg penguins owner ron burkle will lead a group to build a new downtown arena. and i believe married to linda evans.. >> pam: breaking news! [laughter] >> gary: to sell the kings to a group led by microsoft executive steve ballmer. the nba will by mid-april steph curry donates tickets
8:52 pm
....steph curry went off last night at madision square garden scoring 54 pointsthe third most by an opposing player at the garden after kobe and jordan today curry called into knbr radio and donated 54 tickets to warriors fans in honor of his performance in the last two games curry is 18/23 on 3-pointers, which is 79% 109-105 here's curry and mark jackson after the game his parents handle all of its finances. is it check goes directly to his parents. and they give him just enough to pay the bills $300 per week for walking around money and they pay his rent. they are very disappointed. that they are going to dock his pay for his recent fine
8:53 pm
>> pam: that is a good example. >> gary: what i would like to say is force the is if. the father would take a less of a percentage. --. >> gary: he must have a great heart today. and i came off like a tough guy. and i said curry was so incredible last night that he might not be able to match those points again. and pam said it will maybe we could think positive for him and he could do it again! [laughter] >> after suggesting earlier this week he might shut down his popular dunking session in warm-ups, lebron james said he will continue the pre-game routine james said that criticism, presumably from fans on
8:54 pm
social media and some former players, for his unwillingness to compete in the all-star weekend dunk more pregame dunks but after today's practice, james said he was committed to the routine and wouldn't stop anytime soon. the team now streams the its official website. lincecum headed to court? tim lincecum is being sued for allegedly trashing an apartment that lawsuit datye back to october of 2010 but now appears headed to open court. lincecum's former landlady claims that he damaged "bedding, doors, carpet, pillows, kitchenware, linens, furniture, household decorations, patio furniture, lights, lamps and things." damages are estimated at $200,000. lincecum tried to have the matter settled in arbitration, but the superior court and court of appeals have denied arbitration, so the next $200,000 is less than one percent of lincecum's 2013 salary. >> i do not want to say.. this trea--and a nicely law.
8:55 pm
>> andmatt cain on the mound in scottsdale, az top 2nd cain is taken deep to right by nick franklin cain: 3 ip, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 k's brandon belt - hits his first home run of the spring - a solo shot to right center belt: 2-3, rbi, 2 runs but giants lose 4-3 giants drop to 1-2-3 this spring a's at cubs hohocam park, mesa, az brett anderson named the a's opening day starter and he's anderson pitched very well.striking out scott hairston here anderson: 2 ip, 1 hit, 0 run, 1 k's bartolo colon - not so good today - he gives up an rbi double off wall in leeft to brent lillibridge colon: 2 ip, 5 hits, 3 runs colon: will miss first 5 games of regular season as
8:56 pm
he serves out his suspension final: 5-3 cubs a's drop to 2-4 this spring elvis andrus here's an odd one - a player missing a game because his tattoo the day before that's exactly what happened today when rangers shortstop elvis andrus was taken out of the lineup due to a fresh, and very large tattoo that filled most of his left arm the tattoo is a tribute to his late father the rangers didn't exactly miss him they beat the indians 10-0 we will be back with more kron 4 in just a moment. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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